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JSC «STC «Energia»


Joined Stock Company
«Scientific and Technical Center «Energia»

JSC "STC "Energia" is a subsidiary of JSC "Energocomplekt" registered on 28th of February 2008, reg. № 1089847077517. The company was created for accumulation of scientific and technical developments in the field of drive technology. In front of it there is the task of creating a model range of:
- High-voltage variable frequency drives (VFD) with digital control designed to ensure the effective regulation of high-speed AC motors with stator voltage 3, 6, 10 kV,
- High-voltage soft starters (UPP), used to smooth stepless acceleration and deceleration of high (3, 6 and 10 kW) synchronous and asynchronous motors drive of different mechanisms,
- Starter-generator control devices for the initial acceleration of turbine aircraft, gas turbine or diesel power unit and drive control on it to regulate respectively torque and generated voltage.
The development is in line with the priorities of science, technology and engineering development of the Russian Federation, corresponding to priority direction "Energy and energy efficiency", the critical technology of "Energy" (№№ Pr-577, Pr-578 from "30" March 2007).
JSC "STC "Energia" will realize it's plans in the territory of the Special Economic Zone of Technical Innovation Type of St. Petersburg. JSC "STC "Energia" was established by organizational separation of JSC "Energocomplekt" staff involved in the development of high-drive technology. All development of JSC "Energocomplekt" in this field will be used by JSC "STC "Energia" in the implementation of the project.

General Director: Andrey V. Efimov
Tel: (812)320-96-20
Fax: (812)320-96-21
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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